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Upper GoPro Chin mount for Smith Mainline MTB Helmets

Upper GoPro Chin mount for Smith Mainline MTB Helmets

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  • Easy to install
  • Extremely Secure
  • Lightweight (11g) 
  • Minimalist streamlined design
  • Removable

Our chin mounts are 3D printed in high-strength PETG filament, and all feature a minimalist yet durable design. The mount attatches with zipties, and preinstalled 3M VHB adhesive for an extra secure attachement.


  • Upper Chin Mount for Smith Mainline
  • Alcohol cleaning wipe
  • zipties


  1.  Clean your helmet with the included alcohol wipe.
  2.  Remove adhesive backing, and apply heat to the adhesive with a hairdryer or similar device.
  3.  Press mount onto helmet, and apply pressure for 10-15 seconds. Allow 24hrs for the adhesive to completely cure.
  4. Fasten the zipties until snug, and trim the excess with flushcutters, nailclippers, or a sharp knife.
  5. Go shred!




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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Lepage
Super well built!

Previous model was OK but the nut side snapped on me because I overtighted the bolt. This one is built stronger and I really like it! It gets me the perfect POV!