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GoPro Chin mount for Leatt Gravity 4.0 MTB Helmets

GoPro Chin mount for Leatt Gravity 4.0 MTB Helmets

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Secure, reliable attachment.

Minimalist low-profile design.

Lightweight (11g).

Made in Canada with premium materials.

Perfect fit guarantee. 

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Our helmet-specific mounts ensure a perfect fit, and optimal positioning for your action camera. They all feature a low-offset design which minimises neck strain induced by the camera’s weight, to keep you riding longer and with the most stable footage possible. Made in Canada with premium materials, our chin mounts are made to last. An acrylic styrene acrylonitrile body, combined with stainless steel fasteners and 3M adhesive tape ensures that our mounts can withstand years of abuse out in the elements. 


  •  With the red adhesive backing intact, place mount on helmet to find the correct position and orientation.
  • Clean your helmet with the included alcohol wipe.
  •  Remove adhesive backing, and apply heat to the adhesive with a hairdryer or low-setting heat gun.
  •  Press mount onto helmet, and apply pressure for 10-15 seconds.
  • Fasten the zip ties until snug, and trim the excess. Flush cutters or nail clippers work best.
  • After waiting 24 hrs for the adhesive to completely adhere, go shred!


Is it compatible with all action cameras?

Yes! It is compatible with all cameras that use standard gopro-style 3 tab mounting.

Can the mount be removed once installed?

Yes, while 3M VHB tape is extremely strong, it can be removed with the right process. To remove: gently heat, then twist and pull the mount from your helmet, starting at one edge instead of pulling straight back. You may need to install a thumbscrew/accessory in the mount to use as a handle when pulling it from the helmet. The mount will gradually come free with consistent tension, and any VHB residue can be removed with a cloth and rubbing alcohol.

I don't see a mount for my helmet. Can you make it?

We sure can! Please contact us with your requests!

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Geffen foggitt
Great product

Great product works very well


Fits snuggly. Love it.