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GoPro Chin mount for Troy Lee Designs Stage MTB Helmets

GoPro Chin mount for Troy Lee Designs Stage MTB Helmets

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Gopro Chin Mount for TLD Stage MTB Helmets.

  • Easy to install
  • Extremely Secure
  • Lightweight (11g) 
  • Minimalist streamlined design
  • Removable

Our chin mounts are 3D printed in high-strength PETG filament, and all feature a minimalist yet durable design. The mount attatches with a ziptie, and preinstalled 3M VHB adhesive for an extra secure attachement.

Not a fan of adhering 3M VHB onto your helmet? No problem! The ziptie is more than strong enough to attach the mount, and the VHB dampens vibration and improves the fit even with the adhesive backing left on.


  • Chin Mount for TLD Stage
  • Alcohol cleaning wipe
  • ziptie

Installation (Skip steps 1-3 if not using VHB) :

  1.  Clean your helmet with the included alcohol wipe.
  2.  Remove adhesive backing, and apply heat to the adhesive with a hairdryer or similar device.
  3.  Press mount onto helmet, and apply pressure for 10-15 seconds. Allow 24hrs for the adhesive to completely cure.
  4. Fasten the zipties until snug, and trim the excess with flushcutters, nailclippers, or a sharp knife.
  5. Go shred!




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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sawyer Rhodes

Awesome product 👌, stays in place very securely. I was under the impression that when I bought it the only thing holding it to the helmet would be the zip tie, but it does come with incredibly strong adhesive. Fits TLD Stage Helmet perfectly.

Rich Overturf
Perfect for the TLD Stage

This does exactly what it is supposed to do, and unlike other options, it is not in the way when not in use. I like having it permanently attached to the helmet. My last mou t was very fiddly to install and was just to big to leave on when not in use. Worth the money. YouTube video placeholder
Fits great, works great

Does exactly what it’s supposed to, fits my helmet perfectly

Chris Siren

These are by the best action camera mounts I have found for the troy lee stage helmets, they shaped perfectly to the contours of the helmet and come with 3m adhesive already on the mount for a secure flush fit to the helmet, plus grooves for zip ties to snug everything up and ensure it stays put.

I have both the lower chin mount and the upper chin mount and both are amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

It's Great!

The mount is great. It does everything I want it too and more. One thing that might be cool to include next time is a guide on the angle that the GoPro should be angled at for first time use, so you can get the highest quality content possible! (my son's feedback)